It happens that fast..


I love my family, but whenever we all find ourselves in a fast food establishment they always bitch and moan about “all the calories” that are in the meal they just purchased. This irritates me to no end, so much in fact that I once angrily grunted “We are in McDonald’s, you knew what your asses were getting into!” Behavior of that magnitude is akin to mud wrestling and worrying about the state of affairs that your clothes will be in. It’s utter madness. Lately I’ve started to feel the same way about calling out reporters whenever they trot out some clumsy false equivalency. I mean, what’s the point? So many reporters nowadays are either fundamentally lazy, or have developed a nervous twitch from fear of being accused of having a membership card to the “liberal media” – you get shit like the Chuck Todd tweet posted above.

About that, let me get this straight: On Monday, at a campaign event in Connecticut, The President coins the term “Romneyhood” – based solely on Mitt Romney’s tax policy – where the richest 1% would get a 5 trillion dollar tax cut off  the backs of the middle class. The very next day, when asked about the President’s “Romneyhood” quip by FOX News’ Carl Cameron,  Mitt Romney says the following: “If I were to coin a term it would be Obamaloney.” Forget about the corniness that oozes out of every pore of candidate “Who let the dogs out” for a moment – the most important factor is that he never specifically articulated how the President was lying about his record. But none of that mattered to Chuck Todd, he heard an invented word and got an instant “both sides” boner. I can just imagine him kicking his feet up, hands clasped behind his head, sporting his best “I can’t believe I got that nerd to do my homework” look on his face. I’m sure that going into “both sides” mode provides him with more time to be with his family – as someone who plans on starting a family soon, I can totally dig that. But come the fuck on Chuck, at least be slicker about that shit. But real talk, is MSNBC hiring?

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