What the fuck is D.L. Hughley talking about?

I know this is nearly a week old, but some things just become impossible to ignore – like that rock in the bottom your shoe that doesn’t seem like a big deal at first – until you find yourself ripping your Adidas off of your foot in a moment of absolute rage. Anyway, D.L Hughley was on Ron Bennington’s SiriusXM Radio show promoting his book “I Want You to Shut The F**k Up: How the Audacity of Dopes is Ruining America” when he said the following about President Obama:

“He doesn’t seem to get that you have to be willing at some point to fight fire with fire.” Said Hughley. “He’s closer to being a white kid. Intellectually, like his experiences are so different from mine that, I should say, he responds like an intellect as opposed to a regular guy.”

He continued:

“He is so plain and so nonplussed, people see that as devoid of passion. And that — is somehow what we’re missing,” Hughley said. “So I think they’re reacting like if a woman wants a reaction from you, she has to push your buttons. And I think that’s what the country’s doing.”

Not for nothing, but this level of idiocy is usually reserved for the likes of Bill Maher – a person who actually seems to believe that he has a window into the souls of black folks simply because he fucked Superhead a few times. I’m in no way saying that Mr. Hughley possess the sort of intellectual heft where it would totally leave me speechless that he would utter this kind of bullshit, I just thought he knew better. First off, “He’s closer to being a white kid?“. Ugh. As a kid who grew up skateboarding and have always sounded like every black comedian’s impression of a white guy – I’m well versed on having my blackness questioned for the most ridiculous reasons. Somehow not giving your political enemies the satisfaction of seeing you lose your shit is being white? That’s just clumsy. Also, let me just say that people who never fully articulate in terms of actual governance how they want the President to “fight back” are just masturbating. Second, he’s the first Black President of the United States – people already have an image of him that has no basis in reality. The only hand he was dealt was that of a cool customer, any coloring outside of the lines of that portrayal and he’d be painted as “angry” or “unstable“. I look at it in reverse, the President has passion in spades: Any person who still wants to be President after four years of people mercilessly attacking him, his wife, his children, his dead father, and his dead mother, is really passionate about bettering the country.  Maybe since D.L is  hawking a book he’s playing fast and loose with standard logic, but he should really know this shit.

One response to “What the fuck is D.L. Hughley talking about?

  1. Agreed, he should explain what he means by fighting fire with fire. However, he’s not the first black man I’ve heard say that President Obama couldn’t possibly relate to him as a black man given the fact he was raised primarily by his white mother and grandparents. Not sure I agree but I understand the sentiment.

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