I can’t wait for the debates


Something occurred to me this morning as I watched a Mitt Romney Press avail on a Tarmac in Iowa as he commented on the latest jobs report and responded to the President’s speech from last night: Mitt Romney is one whiny son of a bitch. I was kind of mad at myself for not picking up on that before. I mean, when things don’t seem to go Mitt’s way he does have a penchant for acting like the less popular daughter on “The Brady Show“. But it was just a random thought, one of many swirling around my head like how there should be dialogue driven porn and openly wondering who my next throatchop victim will be. Then my “Mitt is whiny” theory was quickly co-signed minutes later at a campaign Stop in Orange City Iowa, where he railed against the President in a tone that I can only describe as a low grade screech that could wake the dead. Maybe “pleading” would be a kinder description. I suspect that he thinks he’s coming across as earnest, or sincere – when in reality it just highlights that Mitt’s internal monologue is screaming “I’m losing to a goddamned community organizer!

Because it seems that the President has received somewhat of a bump in some early polls post convention, and the fact that Team Romney seems to be pulling resources out of some key swing states – the conventional wisdom is that the debates may be Romney’s last opportunity to turn this thing around. Sounds plausible, and I’m always told that that the President is shitty at debating anyway – so why not? One problem, Mitt’s penchant for whining. Look, I figure that all Team Obama has to do in debate preparation is concoct a strategy solely intended to knock Mitt Romney off balance. I mean, the more people see of Mitt Romney the more they loathe his very existence anyway – and add to that an exasperated, whiny Romney..  Man, I can’t wait for the debates.

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