Mitt and Ann Romney: The Veruca Salt Couple

Full Disclosure here: “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” is my favorite movie of all time – so much so that I can recite the entire script backwards and forwards. Lacing my every day conversations with quotes from the classic movie, or abruptly belting out the “Oompa Loompa” song in the most public of settings has provoked more than a few people to question my sanity over the years. Because of my affinity for the film, last week when Ann Romney complained to an Iowa radio station about how hard this election season has been for her – I immediately thought about the “Veruca Salt” character – the ridiculously petulant girl who wants everything given to her. Immediately.

Sure, Ann Romney’s “Stop it. This is hard” comment was irritating, especially when you imagine all of the things that Michelle Obama has had to face over the last four years – a steady stream of smears about her husband, herself, her kids, threats to her husband’s life – and how she has handled all that with such an amazing amount of class and grace. The fact that Mrs. Romney thought that her husband running for the highest office in the land was going to be some sort of a cakewalk is rather telling. But the comment is just another string in a gigantic entitlement tapestry that the lovely couple with car elevators and Cayman Island accounts has shown us over and over again.

Ann’s “So I think it’s our turn nowcomment. Her saying It is time for all Americans to realize how significant this election is“, which is shorthand for “Wake up you dumb motherfuckers, we can’t be losing to the black guy!”  The way she told Robin Roberts “We’ve given all You people need to know” when talking about Mitt’s refusal to release more tax returns as if we’re all unworthy peasants speaking out of turn. The intellectual laziness it takes to think that you can close the gender gap by clumsily proclaiming “I love you women!” at the Republican National Convention:  “I want it Now!!

Mitt Romney’s campaign strategy of entitlement, thinking that running out the clock while offering zero specifics is sufficient enough to take up residence at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue. The light campaign schedule. Whining about being asked tough questions, Mitt throwing backstage temper tantrums because he didn’t like the way he was being introduced: “I want it Now!!

I mean, the entitlement coming from these two is oozing out of their pores. Also, I have to ask: When the rationale for your entire candidacy, your business acumen, being an economic “Mr. Fix-it”, falls apart – can you tell me why are you are running for President again? I personally don’t think that Mitt Romney has the betterment of the American people in mind in wanting to be the leader of the free world. To me it just seems like him wanting to achieve the goal of one-upping his father – treating this shit like some sort of resume builder and not the great responsibility that it truly is. Regardless, it’s clear that no matter how he can get it, Mitt Romney wants it NOW!

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