John Sununu being a racist isn’t a newsflash

One of the things that my father drilled into my head growing up, besides the correct way to administer devastating neck strikes to ornery opponents and how to break down a rifle in record time – was that I had to work six times as hard as my white counterparts to get ahead.(I’m sure millions of African Americans have gotten the same sage-like advice.) I’ve been thinking a lot about my father’s words as I’ve watched this election unfold. From the debates, where the President clearly won the second and third events – the press made it their business to either declare the debates a tie, or to exhaustively say that the Obama wins wouldn’t move the polls all that much. Shit, we don’t have to look no further than the two men themselves: One, with a business career that depended on shitcanning workers and sending their jobs overseas, a Gubernatorial record so spotty that he knew he couldn’t get re-elected, and a Presidential campaign so cynical that it treats the American electorate like google never existed. The other, saved the automotive industry, prevented the economy from total collapse, passed health care, not only killed Osama Bin Laden but has a slew of bad guys taking permanent dirt naps right about now.. And this motherfucker is tied. Tied.

I thought about my dad’s words again today in terms of how much it takes for the media to shine a light on racism directed at the President.

Let me interrupt this regularly scheduled program to thank the media for telling me when it’s alright to be offended. I guess white people have to tell me these things. I mean, John Sununu’s latest public drooling about Colin Powell endorsing the President because of the color of his skin is actually some of his more pedestrian racism. From implying that the President was a drug abuser, calling the him “lazy”, the political bullhorn that was his “I wish this president would learn how to be an American” comment, and him waxing poetic about our Commander in Chief’s lack of class. This shit isn’t new, and making a big deal about it now just makes me angry – the same way someone should be pissed about the police showing up at their door a good hour an a half after altering them of a home invasion. Also, I’ve seen a lot of writers that I respect do pieces on Sununu’s comments today. Well,  fuck you too. Where were you?

When I think about all that this President has to face for re-election: SuperPAC money where racist billionaires drop 20 million dollar checks like it was beer money. Widespread voter suppression efforts. A lazy media with a boner for a horse race. Unchecked racism. I think the President will win re-election, but only because he knew that he had to be six times better.

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