Lydia Callas wins the week


In a pretty horrific week, where Hurricane Sandy took at least 50 lives and wreaked havoc on pretty much anything that crossed it’s path – there was at least a silver lining in the middle one of the most terrifying Hurricanes in recent memory: That proverbial Ray of sunlight was Lydia Callas. A few days ago I just happened to watch Mayor Bloomberg’s Press conference where he addressed the subject of the Hurricane as it pertained to his city, I must have been between switching channels at the time, when his sign language interpreter happened to catch my attention. It didn’t take me but a few moments to figure out why, it was the mere expression in which she exhibited her craft: The exaggerated expressions on her face, the extra seasoning on her hand movements, the way in which she put her entire body into every word that she signed – the mere flavor she exhibited made me want to befriend a hearing impaired person just so I could get the motivation to learn sign language. It was a thing of beauty. It was as if she was talking to her homegirl and not translating for the Mayor of New York City during a crisis. I want to hang out with Lydia Callas. I want her to be my sign language hype-woman if I ever decide to grab the Mic and terrorize lesser wordsmiths. I want her to translate the marriage proposal that I deliver to my lady even though I’m sure there won’t be a hearing impaired individual within a square mile. Not for nothing, but I’m going to start putting Michael Bloomberg speeches on my DVR.

Oh, before I forget, peep the part where the Mayor starts speaking Spanish. Ms. Callas shuts down her sign language on some “Yeah, that’s a bridge too far” shit. Absolutely hilarious.

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