In Politics, Styles win fights

I have to say, despite all of the failing pundit talking points that rightly deserve our ridicule and outright mocking – everything from outside of the margin poll leads by the President being characterized as a “dead heat” to a nonexistent “Mittmentum” that has only recently stopped being talked about – my favorite media drooling involves the narrative that the President’s campaign had no “Grand vision“. Or some exasperated beltway hack saying that this is “most depressing election” that they’ve ever covered – something that I’ve always gathered is their way of saying that they aren’t used to Democrats fighting back. But my best way of answering the aforementioned complaints is to say that the President can only compete against the competition that is in front of him.

Have you ever seen a boxer in the purest since of the word, someone who truly exemplifies the phrase “the sweet science“, go against an opponent whose only interest is throwing elbows, headbutts, and hitting immediately after the break? As much as the boxer may want to stick to his game plan of controlling the fight with his jab, counter-punching, and quick footwork – there will be a time when he will be forced to mix it up with his opponent, proving that he can do close quarters combat as well. Mitt Romney has shown himself to be someone willing to say whatever he has to say to get elected. The blatantly false ads, the continuous capitalizing on out of context quotes, the dog-whistle politics, him holding every position imaginable on every issue, etc. People complain that the 2012 Obama campaign doesn’t have the same poetry as 2008, and that may be true – but it’s hard to exhibit the sweet science of politics if your opponent has contempt for both politics and the American electorate. This campaign may not be as pretty as some pundits may have liked, but then again most scraps aren’t. And Mitt Romney built that.

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