Assassination Dogwhistles

People from all over the political spectrum were justifiably outraged a few days ago when the NRA put out an ad referencing the President’s daughters. The ad starts off with the narrator saying:

“Are the President’s kids more important than yours? Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools, when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school?”

Pretty disgusting stuff, no doubt about that – and pretty much everyone that I’ve seen with a pulse(outside of that smirking nincompoop S.E Cupp) feels that the ad is utterly reprehensible. But I think that something deeper, and believe it or not, even more sinister is going on here. With right wing talkers lathering up their drooling devotees over what turns out to be pretty sensible gun reforms by the President, and people going to gun stores in droves because of it – I saw that NRA ad as nothing but an assassination dog whistle. Or as one of my twitter followers characterized it, assassination “bullhorns“. I mean, the ad was just oozing with “Not only is the guy with the falsified birth certificate going to take your guns away, his uppity ass has his daughters in fancy schmancy schools and shit – totally rubbing your nose in it. That has got to piss you off. What exactly do you plan to do about that?”

I know that the President plans to hit the road to promote his gun reform measures, which I think is a best way for him to get his message out there – but I just hope and pray that none of these inbred morons tries anything. If so, I’m sure the secret service will promptly partake in the fine art of cap peeling if anyone of these idiots, to quote my Jamaican friend Henry, “Gwan test“.

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